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A three-fold increase in Microsoft Windows computers infected with malicious software in late 2013 came from an application that was for some time classified as harmless by security companies.

The finding comes as part of Microsoft’s latest biannual Security Intelligence Report (SIR), released on Wednesday, which studies security issues encountered by more than 800 million computers using its security tools.

Adobe Systems released emergency security updates for Flash Player in order to fix a vulnerability that has been exploited in attacks against users since earlier this month.

The attacks were discovered by security researchers from Kaspersky Lab and were launched from a website set up by the Syrian Ministry of Justice to receive complaints about law violations. It’s not clear who was behind the attack, but the site had been compromised in the past by hackers.

It once sounded like paranoia; now it’s more like common sense. A user asked for safe and secure ways to access the Internet without being tracked by crooks, corporations, and governments.

There’s no such thing as complete, 100-percent perfect privacy or security. The Heartbleed vulnerability made that patently clear. But you can lock down your Internet access, making a security breach much less likely.

Cloud computing is secure. It may sound like an obvious thing to say for someone who works at a company specialising in ensuring a smooth, reliable and secure network, but there are still misconceptions about cloud security.

These concerns and misconceptions often arise from fears over losing control.

Police shouldn’t be able to search suspects mobile phones at the time of arrest because of the huge amounts of private information now stored on those devices, lawyers for two criminal defendants argued before U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday.

The Supreme Court should make an exception for mobile phones in long-standing case law allowing police officers to search suspects at the time of the arrest without getting a court-ordered warrant, lawyers for the two defendants argued.

Cybercriminals stole debit card information from customers of dozens of financial institutions in a phishing campaign that combined rogue text messages and with VoIP calls.

The vishing—voice phishing—campaign was discovered by researchers from cybercrime intelligence firm PhishLabs while investigating a recent attack against customers of an unnamed midsize bank.

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  • Michael A
    Why they do not shut down the company that provides the faulty patchwork systems that make such malware first possible? No, not because of a faulty ...


  • Moubreb
    The people at any router between You and facebook can read Your communication if: 1. You're using an http: connection 2. A fake facebook certificate ...


  • theoctagon
    You could always just use what's already baked in: Android Device Manager.


  • Michael A
    AFAIR the patch was available one day after the discovery of heartbleed. That normal with Free Software. Only mislead users of commercial scrap have ...



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