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China is banning Windows 8 devices from at least some government IT purchases, in a mysterious move that took Microsoft off guard.

The ban came from China’s Central Government Procurement Center, which posted a brief notice last Friday on new requirements for government tenders.

Whether spending on a completely new or upgraded system, access authentication system costs are brutal.

Despite the amped up "sophisticated" security and clock-in systems enterprises currently spend too much money on, many organizations remain vulnerable to security threats, including human error and hackers.

For the latest round of Microsoft’s monthly collection of software patches, the company has fixed critical issues in Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows that have already been used by malicious attackers to compromised systems.

It is the software that Microsoft has not patched this month that is probably of greatest interest to attackers.

Last month Google offered refunds to users who bought a fake antivirus app from Google Play, but the scam seems to be catching on.

Security researchers have recently identified similar apps in both the Android and Windows Phone app stores.

Dropbox has disabled old shared document links in a bid to prevent its users’ files from being accessed by unintended recipients.

Before the change, anyone in possession of a Dropbox shared document link could access the file it pointed to, but the documents were inaccessible to those without the link, a form of security through obscurity.

They spread lies. They push products you don’t care about. They make unpopular people look popular. Sometimes, they take over your machine with malware.

Twitter’s got bots, and researchers are fighting back. At Indiana University in Bloomington, researchers have developed an app called Bot or Not, designed to identify accounts on Twitter that are controlled by insidious robots or software.

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  • Michael A
    Why they do not shut down the company that provides the faulty patchwork systems that make such malware first possible? No, not because of a faulty ...


  • Moubreb
    The people at any router between You and facebook can read Your communication if: 1. You're using an http: connection 2. A fake facebook certificate ...


  • theoctagon
    You could always just use what's already baked in: Android Device Manager.


  • Michael A
    AFAIR the patch was available one day after the discovery of heartbleed. That normal with Free Software. Only mislead users of commercial scrap have ...



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