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Thursday, 10 November 2011 17:19

Boost Your Computer Security With Ten Easy Steps

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In our days worldwide web is very dangerous for novice users and it’s very easy to get infected or even lost important data.

Nowadays, computers are part of our office or household furniture. However, we all have increasing amounts of valuable data stored on our computers and it's worth being aware of the ongoing risks, so here we will take a look at the best ways to improve and immunize our PC security. 

 Of course adding some computer security features to a pc costs a little extra money.

It is essential to do to keep off attacks from the rogues out there determined to trouble home pc users as well as large companies. Viruses can modify in seriousness such as harmless but annoying e-mails or Spam applications delivered to PCs that can wipe out all the data stored on a computer.


Ten steps to follow - Improve your computer security: 

1.Operating System: Whatever operating system you use, keep it updated frequently. For example, turning on the auto-update in Windows will boost your security. Microsoft releases frequent fixes to assailable areas of OS security so this is critically important.

2. Password Protection: Another good step to computer security is to put a holdback to unauthorized persons, use your computer. You can protect your login-id with a password. With this step you can ensure that only you can access confidential information on your computer. Never reveal your passwords to other users, do not write them down. Try to make your passwords unique with a combination of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

3. Firewall Protection: Your computer security should be enhanced also, by adding a firewall, especially if you are part of a home or work network. The firewall or NAT setting on your router should be switched on as these could leave you exposed to crackers or indeed your neighbors might be able to view, what you are doing on the internet.

4. Antivirus Program: Ensure your pc has up to date anti-virus software installed. This is a key element of computer security and will help detect and remove viruses, malware, as well as block Spam e-mails.

5. Regular Scan: Your anti-virus software may do regular background scans, but it’s a good idea to run manually at least once a week. This will help clean up your system by deleting unwanted cookies and temporary internet files.

6. E-Mail Links: Don’t visit websites by clicking links attached to e-mails. Most of these links taking you to a home page asking for login or account details are scams. Any details entered here can be used by the hacker who set up the scam link.

7. E-Mail Attachments: Be very wary of attachments to e-mails sent to you, particularly if they are from persons unknown to you. These could potentially carry a virus that will prove damaging to your computer. A good computer security tip is to ignore attachments from unknown sources and delete the e-mail. You can save any attachments or downloads to your desktop and scan them with the anti-virus software.

8. Suspicious E-Mails: This breach of computer security is sometimes known as phishing. Ignore every e-mails that look fishy and delete them as these could break your computer security. Ignore any e-mails announcing to be from your bank or someone else you hold an account with asks for personal details or passwords.

9. Websites: Be wary of websites you wish to enter. Some anti-virus programs offer warnings next to websites to indicate whether they can be trusted. Avoid clicking on a website if it is not rated as trustworthy.

10. Online Payments: If you need to make a payment online, ensure that the payment screen is protected. The page will usually indicate that it is secure and may have a padlock image at the top of the page.

Anyone still not convinced may want to keep in mind some of the events about viruses. In January 2007 a worm called Storm appeared on the scene. Few months later, it was believed that 50 million computer systems had been infected by this worm. Following these steps is a must, if you want to protect you and your personal information and data from cyber thieves.

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