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Why would hackers break into someone else’s profile especially when there is nothing of great value?

Holiday photos, latest purchases and restaurant reviews you have put up in your Face book account may seem harmless to you.

Security experts have expressed doubts about a hacker claim that there’s a new vulnerability in the patched version of OpenSSL, the widely used cryptographic library repaired in early April.

A group of five hackers writes in a posting on Pastebin that they worked for two weeks to find the bug and developed code to exploit it. They’ve offered the code for the price of 2.5 bitcoins, around $870.

Symantec has seen another round of a ham-fisted but surprisingly successful attack that targets Facebook users hoping to break into their friends’ accounts.

The seed of the scam is a video on Facebook that claims to offer a tool for obtaining login credentials for friends’ accounts. Instead, it hacks the person’s own account, said Satnam Narang, security response manager for Symantec, in a blog post.

Last week the level of spam with AOL email addresses jumped up significantly, filling inboxes with garbage emails.

At the time, the company insisted that its mail servers weren't hacked, but instead spammers with their own email servers were "spoofing" legit AOL email addresses. Changing passwords doesn't remedy the issue since nothing was hacked to begin with.

Russian-Morrocan hacker Farid Essebar, known online as Diabl0, was arrested in Bangkok at the request of law enforcement authorities from Switzerland who want him extradited to face charges in connection with computer fraud offenses and credit card information theft.

Authorities in Thailand had been tracking Essebar and three of his associates for two years as they travelled to tourist destinations around the country and abroad to Hong Kong, daily newspaper The Bangkok Post reported Tuesday.

Karsten Nohl,  a cryptographer and security researcher at Security Research Labs in Berlin, discovered a security hole that allows someone to access SIM cards with the help of only two ... texting messages!

This can be achieved by transforming an SMS, so it seems that it was sent by a provider. As Nohl reported on this case, 1/4 of these cases received an error message that includes the necessary information to find the digital key of the card SIM, a sequence of 56 digits which allows the knowledge and even the modification of the chip.

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  • Michael A
    Why they do not shut down the company that provides the faulty patchwork systems that make such malware first possible? No, not because of a faulty ...


  • Moubreb
    The people at any router between You and facebook can read Your communication if: 1. You're using an http: connection 2. A fake facebook certificate ...


  • theoctagon
    You could always just use what's already baked in: Android Device Manager.


  • Michael A
    AFAIR the patch was available one day after the discovery of heartbleed. That normal with Free Software. Only mislead users of commercial scrap have ...



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