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iOS 8 is being touted as the biggest change to the OS since the App Store was introduced, and the plethora of new features and improvements back up that statement.

Apple has officially announced iOS 8, one of the most feature-packed iterations of the company’s mobile OS, at its WWDC 2014 event.

The iPad Air 2, the obvious follow up to the iPad Air, is set to be an iterative update to the current best tablet on the market right now.

The fifth generation iPad is a great device but even brilliance can be built upon, so there's still room for improvement.

A report claims that Apple will greatly focus on the changes and improvements it has made in the next major update of OS X at this year’s WWDC.

The next OS X update is expected to bring major changes so much so that Apple is reportedly going to devote most of its keynote at WWDC talking about it, opting to give less time to iOS 8 than previously expected.

We are expected to see Apple unveil its next iteration of iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, but what exactly should we expect?

Rumor has it that we won't see a visual redesign in iOS 8, as that is something Apple took care of last year with the release of iOS 7.

A researcher has discovered a weakness in iOS 7 that would enable an attacker to bypass a number of mechanisms Apple uses to prevent exploitation of the operating system's kernel.

The problem stems from being able to brute force the random number generator, called the Early Random PRNG, to predict its outcomes. The generator is used by a number of important memory protections for iOS devices.

Apple yesterday updated its online iWork for iCloud productivity apps, adding collaboration tools that let users simultaneously edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

The real-time collaboration features had been announced Oct. 22 when Apple not only launched its new iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini tablets, but also said that the iWork desktop applications for OS X would be given free to buyers of new Macs.

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  • Michael A
    Why they do not shut down the company that provides the faulty patchwork systems that make such malware first possible? No, not because of a faulty ...


  • Moubreb
    The people at any router between You and facebook can read Your communication if: 1. You're using an http: connection 2. A fake facebook certificate ...


  • theoctagon
    You could always just use what's already baked in: Android Device Manager.


  • Michael A
    AFAIR the patch was available one day after the discovery of heartbleed. That normal with Free Software. Only mislead users of commercial scrap have ...



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