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Windows XP, is the most popular version of Windows worldwide, where ever installed by PC users widely. Do you remember the first time after installing your copy of Windows XP, How long did it took to realize that you don't know the administrator password?I hardly remembered that it was about a week before I needed to make some changes in the file system.

Then suddenly i was asked to logged in as an administrator, but I did not knew the password of the administrator! 

The good news is that both Windows XP version (Home and Professional) have a "hidden" administrator account which is autogenerate when you install the OS. 
Windows 8 has a few new features (like the charms menu, the Start screen, and gesture commands) which may seem pointless or needlessly confusing at first blush. Experienced Windows users running a non-RT version of Windows 8 may be tempted to ignore these new features entirely in favor of working exclusively through the Desktop app.
Virtru has added Microsoft’s Office 365 and Outlook Desktop services to its list of compatible email platforms for its encryption product. The company, based in Washington, D.C. and launched in January, is targeting people using major email providers who are interested in stronger privacy controls for more secure communication.
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Are you guys trying to get all handyman service in single move? If you get so, then think how easy about your life would be? If you’re tried doing lots of stuffs in your home and in your offices then depend on handyman services. They are the best in this case! Few months back we need to follow lots of formalities to get them work for their services. But now it not same! With the app which has created by those service will provide you all services with just a click from your smartphone. Isnt really simple? Yes, it will!

Zimmber App Review|For All Household Services!

So today this post is totally on that awesome app! That app will offer you all handyman services without struggling a lot on your stuffs. So what the Zimmber App can do? It would be helpful or not? Yes, it will be more helpful to you in all issues for sure! Let me brief their service in short below,

Zimmber is an E-Commerce website in Home Services, currently Zimmber is providing services in Mumbai & Pune.

Zimmber provides one of the best handyman services. It provides various services which includes Electrical services which takes care of any electrical installation or repairs, Plumbing services, AC services which includes air conditioner repairs, House Painting, Carpentry work. Zimmber priority is our customer’s satisfaction. Zimmber provide services at much affordable prices in most convenient way. So surely you will get the best with Zimmber service.

What is Zimmber App?

Zimmber is an android app developed by Zimmber team which lets the users to solve their issues with one click. Users are allowed to book or make the service to their home from their smartphones too. Its makes the work so easier. Mostly by using this app you can book Plumbing services, AC Service & Repair , Home Cleaning and more. And the only drawback will be, this service is only available to only Mumbai and Pune peoples. And others are unlucky to have their service. But soon the service will done all over India in future. Its our wish!

Services Provided by Zimmber

  • AC Services & Repair
  • Electrical Services
  • Carpentry Services
  • Home Paintain Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Masonry Services
  • Pluming Services

There are more services to come in future. Zimmber company is growing and creating more satisfaction among the customers. If you want your home to be look like 5 star hotel in fresh and properly arranged manner then go over Zimmber services.

How To Use Zimmber App ?

Step 1:- Download Zimmber app and run it.

Zimmber App Review|For All Household Services!

Step 2:- Then from the home services tab select your problem and share it with Zimmber staff.

Zimmber App Review|For All Household Services!

Step 3:- Now share your address and preferred time to visit and Checkout your house.

Zimmber App Review|For All Household Services!

Step 4:- Then choose your Payment mode and sit back Zimmber App Review|For All Household Services!Thats’s it!

Why to Choose Zimmber Services ?

Zimmber service providing good services to all customers as per their satisfaction. And they got lots of experienced


Google has announced many things already at its developer conference, and the search titan still has projects left on the docket, including Project Ara.

SlashGear reports Google has challenged developers to come up with a smartphone module that doesn't exist in today's preassembled devices.

If you find yourself embarrassed of the sites you frequent-or you're just browsing at work-Timesify can switch on the class by making whatever you're reading look like a New York Times article.

We've all been there: you see a link and really want to know what amusing information lies beyond, but you know someone around you might see.

Sunday, 29 June 2014 00:00

What you need to know about Android Auto

Written by

What we know so far about Android in your car

Following up on the announcement of the Open Automotive Alliance in January, Google took the stage at I/O 2014 to introduce just how it's going to be getting inside your car. Android Auto is its name and bringing Android apps and services to your car is its game.

Google a few moons back promised its YouTube creators - basically anyone and everyone who's got a channel to worry about on YouTube - a new app for managing said channel. Today, that app is live.

YouTube Creator Studio gives you an easy app from which you can see your analytics, edit video information and descriptions, and reply to comments. (Seriously, though, stay out of the YouTube comments.) You'll also get push notifications by default.

Android L takes the design of this operating system in a different direction, and nowhere is that more apparent right when you start using it than in the lockscreen and notification area.

The now-familiar Google Now card paradigm is alive and well throughout the interface of Android L, taken to the next level with the new ideas and colors present in the Material Design language that the software is built on.

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