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At Facebook's developer conference, F8 the social network has made a major change with the way users sign in to web apps and personalize what data they share. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demoed a completely new anonymous login on the stage floor. Zuckerberg explained this is the login for users who want to demo an app without having to make a new account or those that aren't ready to sign in with their real identity.
The SC770 or Series 7 Touch is the first multi-touch monitor from Samsung and it is optimized for Windows 8 operating systems. Users of the newer version of Windows can drag, rotate and select objects on the screen with 10 points touch support simultaneously. The role of ergonomics for using the multi-touch capabilities are critical and the SC770 is capable to turn the screen at an angle of 60 degrees, which makes it "flexible" (with viewing angle of 178 degrees).
The Dropbox is a great service. You can save your files for safety, to synchronize all computers, the Smartphone or Tablet and you can share them with your friends. But it can do much more. Below you will find 5 practical uses you did not know!
After a difficult period, Microsoft can spread  a smile, regarding the Xbox One. Despite the moaning, negative reviews, the grey areas on DRM and used games, and the reactions of those who are part of the gaming community, the pre-ordering of  the new console is great, at least in Great Britain.
These news comes second  since the beginning of the week, that pre-ordering the Xbox One in Blockbuster have exceeded all expectations.
According to a survey made in just 47 hours from the Internet Watch Foundation, 88% of the pictures and videos created and uploaded to the Internet by young people, copied and found in 68 other websites in which their authors had no control. Indeed, the websites which contained a large amount of sexual content concludes the research.
  • Facebook adds anonymous login with customizable data sharing options
  • Samsung announces Series 7 Touch Monitor for Windows 8
  • 5 Clever Uses For Dropbox
  • Xbox One Brought Smiles To Microsoft
  • Do not upload material from your private moments on the Internet

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