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The DLC release for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is not a surprise for anyone. Anyway, the tactic of Activision regarding to the expansion pack for the most successful franchise is known for years. The Season Pass promised four packs of the Black Ops 2 - the second of them is the Uprising. After the somewhat lukewarm ... Revolution, will the Treyarch be able to justify the money that users spend on the Season Pass and entice new buyers ...? Or it is hiding the best for the end?
Nvidia had several gadgets to fondle during GTC 2014. This week during GTC 2014, Nvidia showcased a number of new and upcoming products including the Jetson TK1 developer kit featuring the Tegra K1 SoC, and prototype tablets sporting the same zippy chip.
It once sounded like paranoia; now it’s more like common sense. A user asked for safe and secure ways to access the Internet without being tracked by crooks, corporations, and governments. There’s no such thing as complete, 100-percent perfect privacy or security. The Heartbleed vulnerability made that patently clear. But you can lock down your Internet access, making a security breach much less likely.
Corning has revealed its newest product, the USB 3.Optical cable capable of transferring data up to 5 gigabits/second over distances of 30 meters. While comparable copper cables transfer speeds slow down after 3 meters, the USB 3.Optical speeds stay strong.  Compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, these cables are longer, 80% lighter, and 50% thinner than similar copper cables. 
Maybe Linux got there first, but there’s also a chance of Windows 8 do much better.  According to Linux geeks and fans Microsoft has already been accused  for stealing Linux features. Linux and Windows 8 distributions have many differences in ideology and design. However, OS design is built on the same basic principles and that gives us the opportunity to overlap.

While searching in blogs about Windows 8 development I have found some new upcoming features. Sinofsky and some of his friends write in technology forums about this news. Microsoft makes me wonder where these new features really come from. But let’s take a closer look.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC
  • Another Look at Tegra K1 Tablet and Jetson TK1 Board
  • Protect your privacy while you browse
  • Corning Announces Availability of USB 3.Optical Cables
  • Windows 8 Takes Eight Features From Linux Operating System

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