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The members of British hacker group Lulzsec, who had made a series of cyber attacks on corporations and government agencies in 2011, where sentenced to imprisonment. Ryan Cleary 21 years old, Jake Davis 20 years old, Ryan Ackroyd 26 years old and Mustafa al-Bassam 18 years old were imposed to imprisonment for  32 months, 2 years, 30 months and 20 months respectively, with the penalty of Mustafa al-Bassam to be with inhibition.
OpenSSL is getting funded for two full-time developers and a security audit in an attempt to prevent another devastating bug like Heartbleed. The money is coming from the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII), a group of tech companies that came together last month in response to Heartbleed.
Microsoft states that the 50Hz judder on the Xbox One's HDMI input will finally be resolved in the console's next Spring update... Microsoft has promised that it will release a fix for the HDMI passthrough judder issue suffered by UK and international Xbox One owners "in just a matter of weeks", finally bringing smooth TV viewing to the console outside the US.
ZevenOS is a German-born project that offers Debian-based and Ubuntu-based versions of their BeOS-like scheme. ZevenOS is supported on Ubuntu (Xubuntu) and ZevenOS-Neptune is supported on Debian Testing. The important mean is to reservation many of the features of BeOS in a moderne, confident operative grouping. Neptune 1.9.1 was recently released to transport the last Linux goodies to users.

Existence developed in Germany capital that the pinion language for Neptune is German. Yet, there is an Side alternative at the Grub kicking sift. The artifact substantiation usable on the screen is in both Teutonic and Nation as source. The unpadded actuation installer has a shortcut on the desktop as fit as a relentless representation creator for use with USB sticks.
The Nvidia announced new DirectX 11 graphics cards, GeForce GTX 660 and GeForce GTX 650 and aims to lower piece of the market, the "budget gamers" and "new" in gaming, with 660 and 650 respectively. GeForce 660, is able to play most games on high settings well. It has 2GB RAM, GPU with 960 CUDA cores and technology GPU Boost, which automatically increases the speed of the GPU, depending on the requirements of the games run by the user. According to the company, its performance will be four times higher than the GeForce 9800GT, arguing that games like Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2, a resolution 1.920 x 1.080 will play at frame rates of 51fps and 41fps with full 3D, respectively.
  • The Core Of Hacking Group Lulzsec Is Facing Prison Sentences
  • Tech giants throw money at OpenSSL in response to Heartbleed
  • Xbox One HDMI judder fix promised in just a matter of weeks
  • ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.1 - Eyes on Linux
  • New affordable GeForce 650 and 660 from Nvidia

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