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There is currently a lot of interest and curiosity with the Linux / Unix operating systems becoming more widely used, well known, and available. They have been around since the mid 90's, and used mostly as a server platform until recently...
Computing has somewhat revolutionized in the present digital age with the inclusion of advanced hardware and software domains.
With the advancement of the software front of the computing industry, things has changed and it is not at all easy for a layman to be conversant with these computing domains without having a prior knowledge of the software hitches.
Toshiba has refreshed four laptops. Toshiba announced on this week that it has refreshed its popular Satellite C and L Series laptops, making them ideal for customers looking for everyday productivity and entertainment that won't cost an arm and a leg.
The Sony Xperia Z has been characterized by many people as one of the best Smartphones of this generation, and not without reason, since Sony put in a mobile device the best technologies from the fields involved (image, sound, smartphones, etc.). Over the excellent features, Sony has added resistance on water and suffering and so offered a truly unique, impressive device
Since its announcement a few months back, Google's Project Tango has been a really fascinating curiosity, but not much else. Hot on the heels of Computex, the tech giant unveiled a new tablet that has the same 3D mapping capabilities we all saw in their promotional video.
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Firefox 28.0 / 29.0b5 Beta / 30.0a2 Aurora 869
ISO2USB for CentOS/RedHat 0.5 781
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Stop Watch 1.2.1 731
Windows/Desktop Enhancements/Clocks & Time Management
Alarm 3.5.16 715
Windows/Desktop Enhancements/Clocks & Time Management
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    As many of you know keyboard shortcuts will set you free

    Yes, they’re a pain to learn, and many of us are used to sticking with a mouse. Nevertheless, being familiar with even a handful of shortcuts will help you get around your system faster—plus it has the added benefit of making you feel like a power user.

    Published in Latest

    With the Windows end-of-service deadline finally upon us, a lot of holdouts are hurriedly making the upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

    Moving all your important files from Windows XP to your new computer may sound like just one more hassle.

    Published in How To

    A lot of users hate their new Windows 8 PC and wonder if they can replace the operating system with Windows 7.

    You may or may not be able to install Windows 7 on your particular Windows 8 PC. A lot of that depends on the hardware. And, of course, you’ll have to buy a new copy of Windows 7.

    Published in Microsoft

    The statistics of April on desktop operating systems, proves that Windows 8 continue their slow but steady growth, but generaly Windows had a total slightly.

    The data came from Net Applications, which are derived from the visits of 160 million unique users in 40.000 web sites worldwide.
    Published in Microsoft

    To connect two computers with Windows 7, you must configure the wireless network with computer A, and wirelessly connect computer B to it, and then you can share your files between them.

    It is very wise to set up a home network in case you have two or more computers. You ll be able to share and store your files more easily.

    Published in How To

    Several times in this column you have proposed to control the functions of a computer problem via a Live Linux distribution.

     These versions offer full functionality and a wide range of tools for both, the control and to fix problems, either software or hardware.

    Published in How To

    Zorin OS is a Linux distribution constructed on Ubuntu developed for users without any experience in Linux. It also allows to simulate the aspect of Windows 7

    Windows is one of the most used and intuitive OS for the home and personal user and no one will discard this thought but its fail in some security and some bored looks also so for that linux is the next good option (except MacOSX) for the home user to feel something new and interactive in terms of graphics, speed and functionality.

    Published in Linux
    Sunday, 09 October 2011 17:35

    Ubuntu 9.10 vs Windows 7 and the conflict

    The Ubuntu 9.10 operating system provides cloud storage and a new application to include the software’s.

    Five years ago, since Ubuntu released, its has become among the most popular Linuxes, though popular for servers or embedded systems, it continues as a minority as a desktop operating system.In terms of speed, if you've an older computer that is starting to feel sluggish but you either don't want to or can't afford to buy a new computer, give Ubuntu a go.

    Published in Linux
    Wednesday, 21 November 2012 17:54

    Secrets of Windows 7

    The ten most interesting "hidden" functions of Windows 7

    Windows 7 TipsThe Windows 7 hides a multitude of features that can accelerate your work. We will show you how to find the most intelligent and useful from them. Some of them are brand new and some others are updated.
    Published in Microsoft

    Have you ever heard about dictating? You can use your voice to write texts and fill forms, or even give simple commands on your computer.How can you Dictate?

    With Windows Speech Recognition users can significantly reduce the usage of the keyboard and mouse or even do different jobs while giving voice commands.

    Using your voice to dictate text though it's not an easy thing, cause your computer needs to start learning your voice.

    Published in Microsoft
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