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The use of the popular social networking page has shown to stimulate the cognitive performances of older people. Their personal safety should cherish new members of social networking websites, highlight the American scientists.
Often we hear about the botnets which are located in various countries, mainly in Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. But many of them are in western countries including the U.S.. A botnet is a group of computers (called zombies) which has been infected by a malware which dictates to the computers in order to perform specific tasks, such as sending spam mail, spread malware, etc. Whoever has control of the infected computers, he can guide them by sending commands via one or more Command Control server (C & C server).
The most popular distribution of Linux, Ubuntu is marching on smartphones... A new member will be added to the list of smartphone operating systems. The free operating system used by 20 million computers around the world, is planning to give life on smartphones also. Smartphones with Android will wear the popular Linux distribution to run Android and Ubuntu when connected to a big screen (Ubuntu for Android). London Canonical announced that the first release of smartphones with Ubuntu is expected in the last months of 2013 or early in 2014.
To download videos and music from the Internet is a piece of cake... The hard part is to reproduce all these files on any device, because not all formats are supported. In such cases the free program Freemake Video Converter helps, while you can download it from here: Freemake Video Converter
Since its announcement a few months back, Google's Project Tango has been a really fascinating curiosity, but not much else. Hot on the heels of Computex, the tech giant unveiled a new tablet that has the same 3D mapping capabilities we all saw in their promotional video.
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  • Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu for Android
  • Free Video and Audio Conversions, with Freemake Video Converter
  • Google shows off Project Tango for Developers

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    Windows got their title from the new layout of operating systems, where a mouse was used to open a separate frame, or window, for each process or application.

    The changes from one version to the other were everything from subtle, but quicker or smoother, or drastically different and new.

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