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Computex 2014 - USB 3.1 isn't something we've heard a ton about yet but with its eye clearly set on destroying Thunderbolt MSI has jumped to the party early showing off a motherboard utilizing the upcoming technology

While we don't have much in the way of the model or anything like that, putting the pieces together we can see this upcoming Z97 motherboard which will fall under the GD series offers us USB 3.1 technology via the ASMedia ASM1142 controller.

Information about a whole bunch of pretty Z97 motherboards from ASRock has surfaced.

Going along with what a whole bunch of manufacturers are doing, ASRock is also previewing its next-generation of motherboards. Despite having one of the numbers blurred out on all of the boards, there's no doubting that these are boards based on the upcoming Z97 chipset.

ECS has built three new motherboards. ECS has announced three new motherboards: the A78F2P-M2, the A58F2P-M4, and the A55F2P-M2.

These motherboards are built to be budget-friendly boards, and thus carry only the basic features that one needs for a basic office PC.

A new generation of processors named Haswell is now available in the market by Intel.

The new Core processors circulate alongside a new chipset support, the Z87 and the various motherboard manufacturers offer models based on it.

We occasionally present different products of Gigabyte, so today we will see another motherboard of the company, which is targeted for a special category of users that have very special requirements.

The X79S-UP5 WiFi, aside from the fact that it costs over € 300, supports a totally accurate platform, Intel 2011 socket.

The MSI unveiled a new AM3 motherboard socket, the 970A-G43. Based on AMD 970 chipset with SB950 Southbridge...

it is an ATX form-factor with features that satisfy those who want to build a gaming PC with VGA and have a tight budget.

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