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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 11:14

Here Comes the E-Paper Tablet Featured

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Consists of an electronic paper and in five years it could replace our notebooks and laptops. Mating between the pages could, according to scientists, to revolutionize our daily lives in a few years from now.

An innovative tablet, endowed with the thickness and flexibility of a special sheet of paper developed in Queens University, Canada, in collaboration with the U.S. giant Intel and the spin-off company of the University of Cambridge, Plastic Logic.

According to scientists, the user of ...  the "e-paper" or else the tablet PaperTab, can easily wrap it and put it in his pocket or throw it on the table without the fear of being destroyed.


PaperTab posthaste!

The hyperfine and "feather" indestructible device has a 10.7 inch screen. According to the inventors, it could be used alone or as a set of many electronic pages of which each e-paper will accommodate a different application.

"Using many PaperTabs together, the user will have the ability to process multiple files at once," explains the director of Human Media Lab Queens University, Dr. Roel Vertegkal.

The user can, for example, send a photo by touching two PaperTabs on top of each other: on one web page displays the email, while the other shows the photo of his choice. The picture becomes automatically attached file and inserted into the email, which receives the command to be sent either by changing the position of PaperTab and placing it in the "outbox" or by folding the top corner of the PaperTab.

Furthermore, by placing two or more PaperTabs side by side, the user can create a huge screen which may be used as painting surface.


The revolution in the pocket ...

"Within five to ten years, most computers - by ultrathin laptops to tablets - are expected to take the form of these electronic pages," says Ryan Brotman, a researcher at Intel.

The innovative flexible Tablet expected to be unveiled in the coming days at the exhibition of technology Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES), taking place between now and January 11 in Las Vegas, USA.

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0 #3 Panagiotis K. 2013-01-10 21:51
i think it is better to wait until we see this live, so we can use it and then decide...
+2 #2 Elsa Bueso 2013-01-09 21:01
:oohs many e papers do we need to carry instead of the medicine books? Is not going back to the old page technology?i do understand you want to go thinner but jus by watching the guy in the desk I feel better with better flipping through my pages in my apple. :sigh: :sigh:
+2 #1 Krishan 2013-01-09 16:32
Fabulous... Oh My God... I don't believe this, I wonder to imagine how our technology will be modern in next 10 years, this is a different world now..

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