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Intel's new chips mean users will be able to get as many as 11 hours of battery from their Chromebooks.

Lenovo and LG whet our appetites in the Chrome OS department this morning, and now Intel is serving up the main course.

The fourth generation of the family processor "Core" of Intel lies upon us, and it is expected that its performance will be enhanced while the  consumption will be reduced.

When the Haswell has been presented by Intel in the case of modeling for notebooks, they promised higher performance and lower power consumption than the current generation of Ivy Bridge processors, which means greater battery life.

Before the official release of the new Trinity APUs from AMD, the company seems that already planning the next step which will be the successor towards the end of 2013.

The name of the upcoming series will beRichland and will consist of APUs (Accelerated processing units) that were manufactured with 28nm lithographic method but based on the existing architecture and x86 Piledriver core will be compatible with the platform FM2.

AMD progresses in a partnership which for many is a surprise, but in any case it is a historic moment for the company, since it intends to dispose ARM processors for servers.

AMD has announced that the existing Opteron processors for servers available, the x86 architecture will add 64bit SoC ARM architecture in 2014, as a result of a strategic cooperation signed with the company. 

AMD enters the market of Windows 8 tablets with its new chip Z-60, which was codenamed Hondo. The Z-60 is expected to be seen in devices by the end of the year.

 Strong spot of the Z-60 over the competition, are the power consumption and the performance of the graphics subsystem.
In hybrid devices that incorporate Z-60, the battery life will exceed 10 hours in tablet mode, according to the company.

The second generation of Bulldozer AMD processors codenamed Piledriver, is upon us and the first four models are ready to be placed very soon in the market worldwide.

The Piledriver based on new architecture is expected to be stronger than their Bulldozer, who created many expectations, but ultimately failed to occur strong enough while, the third generation of processors, codenamed Steamroller is already in process.

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