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Google's one-day, US-only Glass sale seems to have gone off without a hitch, and the company may be revving up to do it all over again before long. "We're out of spots in the Explorer Program for now, but may have more to share soon," the search giant wrote in a "That's all, folks" post.
What Top Gaming Motherboards Have in Common? A lot of motherboards are produced to meet the demands of intensive gaming applications.
Folder Size provides a breakdown of exactly what is taking up the most space on your hard disk, or any portion thereof. This can be extremely useful if you’re trying to figure out why disk space is lower than expected or if you want to know just how much storage you’re wasting on email archives from 2002 and grade-z public domain monster movies from Internet Archives. And by “you,” I mean, “me.”
Of course much more resilient, of course much heavier! All the major mobile phone manufacturers are replacing technology of Corning Gorilla Glass, on their smartphone screens with Sapphire, the hardest natural material after the diamond, according to what is said by the analyst Eric Virey in Technology Review.
Deep Silver has revealed Dead Island 2 with a brand new trailer. Revealed during Sony's E3 2015 press conference tonight, Dead Island 2 is set for release in spring 2014 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The PS4 version will have a 30-day beta.
  • After one-day Glass sale, Google may be prepping to do it all over again
  • Top Gaming Motherboards Common Spots
  • Folder Size review: Free tool shows the distribution of your disk space
  • Future Smartphones Covered By Sapphire Monitors
  • Dead Island 2 E3 Announce Trailer

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    George Q

    George Q

    "My name is George Q. I like to find and test free software and applications. I also like to write news about internet society and hardware computer parts. New ideas and computer informaton are always welcome!"


    Google a few moons back promised its YouTube creators - basically anyone and everyone who's got a channel to worry about on YouTube - a new app for managing said channel. Today, that app is live.

    YouTube Creator Studio gives you an easy app from which you can see your analytics, edit video information and descriptions, and reply to comments. (Seriously, though, stay out of the YouTube comments.) You'll also get push notifications by default.

    If you have a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV or some selected Full HD sets and you live in the United States then you will be getting early access to the PlayStation Now beta from next week.

    From June 30, those with some high-end Sony TVs will be able to play PS3 games with no console.

    Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

    You've fallen for a scam! Now what?

    Cybercriminals tricked a friend into giving away sensitive information. Now he wants to know how “to mitigate this situation?”

    Don’t feel bad. We all make stupid mistakes. But with these sorts of mistakes, you have to act fast to avoid disaster.

    Intel has been in court in the EU this week to challenge a fine levied against it totaling 1.06 billion Euros or $1.44 billion.

    The fine was levied against Intel five years ago and Intel has been appealing the fine ever since.

    Twitter is eyeing a new move into music and podcast sharing according to reports.

    People familiar with dealings at twitter and SoundCloud say that twitter is considering an acquisition of SoundCloud.

    Monday, 19 May 2014 18:29

    Google Play Store Now Accepts PayPal

    Here's another method of payment on Google Play.

    Google Play product manager Ibrahim Elbouchikhi updated the Android Developers Blog with news that Google Play customers will be able to make payments using their PayPal account.

    Microsoft is saying again that it's no longer patching Windows XP.

    Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc posted a notice on the Windows Experience Blog reporting that Windows XP customers will no longer receive security or non-security updates through Windows Update or Microsoft Update.

    The Windows 8.1 Update goes public started last month, promising all kinds of new features for traditional PC users.

    One thing it won’t bring is the new Start menu that Microsoft recently debuted—that’s due in a later update in the coming months.

    LG has now sent invites out to publications in the tech world inviting them to an event to...

    LG said earlier this month when it had its Q1 financial meeting that it expected to get a sales boost from the new LG G3 smartphone that would launch in Q2. April was the start of Q2 and it is over, so many expected the device to launch in May.

    Maybe we won't be seeing the GTX Titan Z from Nvidia ship to customers just yet.

    Rumor on the web has it that the GTX Titan Z will not be released today (April 29), unlike past reports have indicated.

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