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Technology research firm IDC has warned that recent widespread price cuts by dominant cloud storage firms could drive smaller vendors out of business. A new report shows that cloud service providers (CSPs) in Asia dropped prices considerably in March, and this has been mirrored in Western countries by the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
Microsoft's Windows XP has slipped under the 50% share mark for the first time since Web measurement company Net Applications began tracking operating system usage. The old XP closed on July with 49.8%, it’s 1.3-percentage point drop from June, Net Applications report us. Although XP still powers the most of Windows computers, although July's percentage means it has lost its majority status among all operating systems OS.
The most popular social networking service launched on January 15 a different search engine, which is not searching on the Internet, but only Facebook home on more than 1 billion people with 240 billion and one trillion pictures and links multitude of personal information. The Facebook Graph Search does not search for keywords on websites. It is searching personal information published either public or communicated to the user who is looking to identify people, places and things.
People create viruses and someone has to write the code, try to find that propagates normally and then he can release the virus. Someone also designs and decides on the type of damage that the virus will make. He can decide for example if he will show a harmless message or destroy the hard drive.But why are all these? 
For yet another year in Las Vegas,Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has managed to captivate the interest of hopelessly "in love" with the technology by opening the gates to the future, since 1967 international exhibition of technology. Big companies of the kind and smaller technology companies presented their proposals for 2013 and the new hi-tech trends that may be established in the coming years. Among these new forms of tablets, invulnerable smartphones, TVs unique futuristic design and performance vehicles without driver and ... "Smart" forks measuring our bites!
  • IDC warns cloud price cuts threaten smaller vendors
  • Windows XP operating system slipped under 50% of the share mark
  • Facebook Graph Search: New Way to Search on Facebook
  • The Causes of the Creation of the Viruses
  • CES 2013: The March of Technology

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