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In the near future it may become possible to extract sensitive information from the brain with the help of invasive software or spyware. It is not really important if you want to share this information with anyone or not because this software will force you to do it against your will.
Google Chrome is absolutely dominating the web browser market, at least according to social analytics firm Shareaholic, which yesterday released usage statistics for all browsers worldwide. The data, which covers the 2013 calendar year up until now, reveals Chrome (34.68%) is used more than Firefox (16.60%), Opera (2.02%) and Internet Explorer (15.62%) combined. Adding the stock Android browser (7.36%) into the mix and Google commands over 42% of all browser usage, second to Apple with just 21% after combining Safari (16.15%) and Safari in-app browser (4.86%) use.
A lot of people under random circumstances use few e-mail addresses and not only one as usual, i also use a lot of e-mail accounts for my job, my blog...  Recently i ve decided to find a good software so i will be able to add all these accounts and after a small research i end up with Microsoft Office Outlook. Outlook is a very powerful software,  but you will need some time to get used to it. The olny you need is to coifigure your mail accounts  and then enjoy reading, editing, deleting your inbox fast.
LG has now sent invites out to publications in the tech world inviting them to an event to... LG said earlier this month when it had its Q1 financial meeting that it expected to get a sales boost from the new LG G3 smartphone that would launch in Q2. April was the start of Q2 and it is over, so many expected the device to launch in May.
One of the unfortunate hallmarks of affordable Windows-based tablets is limited storage space. It is not uncommon for low-priced tablets to come with only 32GB or 64GB drives. A large chunk of that space is taken up by the Windows operating system and any preinstalled applications.
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