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Last week the level of spam with AOL email addresses jumped up significantly, filling inboxes with garbage emails. At the time, the company insisted that its mail servers weren't hacked, but instead spammers with their own email servers were "spoofing" legit AOL email addresses. Changing passwords doesn't remedy the issue since nothing was hacked to begin with.
Technology research firm IDC has warned that recent widespread price cuts by dominant cloud storage firms could drive smaller vendors out of business. A new report shows that cloud service providers (CSPs) in Asia dropped prices considerably in March, and this has been mirrored in Western countries by the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
Google's mobile OS keeps proliferating on more and more handsets and the games hitting that hardware keep getting better. Among our picks are Angry Birds Star Wars II, which is a mild improvement over the original but an improvement nonetheless, as well as Reaper, Temple Run 2, The Room, and more.
As we know, the SuperDrive which  Apple  gives as a separate device, supported  only  by the MacBook Air or Mac mini, however without no good reason. However, with some easy modifications, you can make the SuperDrive compatible with any MacBook. Let's see how ..
Are you stuck in a job that leaves you hiding in the background? Are you yearning to break out of the mold and become an expert in your field? If so, Adobe is here to help. An Adobe expert certification can be just the thing you need to take your career to new levels. In large IT companies, it is certainly easy to get lost in the shuffle. Having the credentials and expertise that Adobe offers can put your resume on the map and far ahead of competitors and colleagues in terms of proficiency, skill and experience. For jobs that require or could benefit from knowledge of an Adobe product, a certification could be the thing that gets you not just hired, but recognized in your company.
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