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Cybercriminals use images in a number of ways to infect your computer. In most cases, the photo itself is harmless; it's just a trick to get you to do something stupid. But sometimes, a .jpg file itself will contain malicious code.
Apart from Mission Control, the LaunchPad and Versions. After waiting nearly 9 months, the Mac OS X Lion is finally here!  The seventh version of Mac OS X marks a shift in how we treat our Mac, and borrows heavily from the operating system of mobile devices from Apple.

The Lion pioneer in another area: available exclusively from the App Store-and not as DVD-to 23.99 Euros. The latest Mac OS, according to Apple, boasts over 250 new features compared to its predecessor, Snow Leopard.
Most of us when we hear the phrase "Network Setup" start to sweat. Find out why you don't need to be frightened anymore. Starting - A mistaken view has been prevailed that setting up a network in our home is a time-consuming and difficult process which can carry only one expert or a technician. This was true in the past, but things have changed significantly and have become extremely user-friendly in recent years. So staging a network is now an easy and quick process and the main part? You don't need to have special knowledge!
Windows 8 has a few new features (like the charms menu, the Start screen, and gesture commands) which may seem pointless or needlessly confusing at first blush. Experienced Windows users running a non-RT version of Windows 8 may be tempted to ignore these new features entirely in favor of working exclusively through the Desktop app.
What Top Gaming Motherboards Have in Common? A lot of motherboards are produced to meet the demands of intensive gaming applications.
  • Watch out for photos containing malware
  • Mac OS X Lion is here!
  • There Is No Complex Network Anymore
  • Master Windows 8 gesture commands
  • Top Gaming Motherboards Common Spots

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Windows/Internet/Servers/WEB Servers
Windows/Internet/File Sharing
Windows/Desktop Enhancements/Clocks & Time Management
Windows/Internet/Remote Utils

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Firefox 28.0 / 29.0b5 Beta / 30.0a2 Aurora 715
Stop Watch 1.2.1 590
Windows/Desktop Enhancements/Clocks & Time Management
Kpackage 3.5.10 526
Linux/Desktop Environment/Tools
Ventuz Express Designer 3.00.00 Beta / 2.05.26 524
Windows/Authoring Tools/Authoring Related

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Picturelife Ver.
Windows/Internet/File Sharing
Norton Zone Ver.
Windows/Internet/File Sharing
Cupcloud Ver. Beta
Windows/Internet/File Sharing
WinArchiver Virtual Drive Ver. 2.8
Windows/CD-DVD Tools/Virtual CD-DVD_Rom
Minute Timer X Ver. 1.4
Windows/Desktop Enhancements/Clocks & Time Management
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