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Cybercriminals tricked a friend into giving away sensitive information. Now he wants to know how “to mitigate this situation?” Don’t feel bad. We all make stupid mistakes. But with these sorts of mistakes, you have to act fast to avoid disaster.
In July, the Russian parliament adopted a controversial bill that provided for the "black list" of all those websites deemed "illegal" while the libel had become a criminal offense. In their primary targets are websites that contain information related to suicides, drugs, child abuse, and "extremist propaganda. 
Ubuntu is a complete operating system (other operating systems are Windows and Mac OS) but based on Linux (or more correctly GNU / Linux). In other words Ubuntu is a distribution (the distribution is like different versions) of Linux. Other popular distributions are Fedora, Mandriva, SuSE. It is freely available and supported by both a very large community of users and professionals.It is extremely advanced technologically and design perspective, but fortunately not only excels in this area.
ATI Technologies, is a part of AMD company. ATI is a company that manufactures a wide range of computer hardware parts, and GPUs (graphical processing units) are its specialty. One of the most popular brands of this company is ATI Radeon graphics card, a brand that has been on the stores, nearly ten years.
The LG Display will make the first demonstration of a flexible and unbreakable plastic panel with OLED technology for mobile devices. The development comes at a critical time, because smart devices are used more than ever, with an increasing risk of damage from falls, bumps and other accidents, noted the South Korean manufacturer.
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  • Flexible And Unbreakable 5-inch OLED Display Smartphone Presented By LG

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