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Canada’s tax authority and a popular British parenting website both lost user data after attackers exploited the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability, they said Monday. The admissions are thought to be the first from websites that confirm data loss as a result of Heartbleed, which was first publicized last Tuesday.
 If you need to update your motherboard drivers, be sure you go about it the fastest and most effective way possible. Motherboard drivers are some of the most difficult drivers to install, but it always depends on the skill level of a user,  so you need to be sure that you acquire the right driver.First, however, you need to know the exactly cause of your problem.

What is the Motherboard?
The motherboard of your computer is really the hub of all activity, the body parts of your operating system. All system processes move through the motherboard, in matter, your motherboard accommodate your CPU, BIOS memory, hard disk and all other parts a computer involve. It also routes your computer’s startup boot information.
Some common ways to attack are the Denial of Service and the Distributed Denial of Service, which are used by hackers in order to collapse computer networks and websites...
ZevenOS is a German-born project that offers Debian-based and Ubuntu-based versions of their BeOS-like scheme. ZevenOS is supported on Ubuntu (Xubuntu) and ZevenOS-Neptune is supported on Debian Testing. The important mean is to reservation many of the features of BeOS in a moderne, confident operative grouping. Neptune 1.9.1 was recently released to transport the last Linux goodies to users.

Existence developed in Germany capital that the pinion language for Neptune is German. Yet, there is an Side alternative at the Grub kicking sift. The artifact substantiation usable on the screen is in both Teutonic and Nation as source. The unpadded actuation installer has a shortcut on the desktop as fit as a relentless representation creator for use with USB sticks.
Windows got their title from the new layout of operating systems, where a mouse was used to open a separate frame, or window, for each process or application. The changes from one version to the other were everything from subtle, but quicker or smoother, or drastically different and new.
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