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Canada’s tax authority and a popular British parenting website both lost user data after attackers exploited the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability, they said Monday. The admissions are thought to be the first from websites that confirm data loss as a result of Heartbleed, which was first publicized last Tuesday.
The new Microsoft Windows 8.1 offer significant changes and additions to its predecessor and below we present the five most important improvements which are worth to get the new OS. Some of the changes are the Start Button, Renewed Store, Smart Settings, and more
Well, if you are a gamer, you wildefinitely know one or two things about graphics quality and brand names.
The best graphics cards produce best quality of image.  Similarly, graphics cards of not so good quality can distort the images to an unimaginable level. So, it is worthwhile comparing different products when it comes to graphics cards. nVidia and ATi Radeon are two such graphics cards that have been in the market for quite sometime now. 
What is it? - The graphics card is responsible for what appears on our computer screen, whether they are static images (photos, text etc.) or animated (video, games, etc.). Types of graphic cards - There are two types of graphic cards, which are integrated (either on the motherboard or the processor) and those that are independent.
It wasn't long ago when SanDisk unveiled the world's first SSD with 4TB capacity, but now we're hearing about 8TB and 16TB SSDs - things that should really begin to excite everyone. The storage giant believes that flash-based storage devices will begin leaving mechanically driven HDDs for dust when it comes to both performance, and capacity - in at least one market segment.
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  • SanDisk teases 8TB SSDs for next year, 16TB SSDs in 2016

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